Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I update information?

A1: Some information in the CPDB portal can be updated directly by logging on to the portal, while other information is updated using separate processes. This is because the information in the portal is maintained by different institutions. However, the CPDB portal facilitates updating this information by describing the update process in detail for each Datasource. This is, the Institutional Information can be updated directly in the portal by the Permanent Representative after Logging in to CPDB. Other Datasources can be updated by following the process description shown next to the Datasource. These instructions are also available from the personalized iWMO screen after logging on to the portal.

Q2: Who can update information?

A2: Information can be updated by Permanent Representative and the Datasource Focal Points. The Permanent Representative of a country is responsible for nominating Focal Points. Details on the update procedure are available here.

Q3: Which information is displayed here?

A3: The information displayed in CPDB portal consists of the Institutional Information as well as Datasources containing programme or Commission specific information. Only public information is shown in the CPDB portal.

Q4: What is my username?

A4: Currently, the username to log on to the CPDB portal consists of the ISO3 letter country code of the Member country. This country code can be obtained by selecting the corresponding country from the dropdown menu on the CPDB portal logon screen. The country code will then be inserted into the username field. SWFDP users should use their email address as username.

Q5: I have forgotten my password. What can I do?

A5: The password for the user can be obtained via email by clicking on the forgot password link from the login page. An email containing instructions on how to change the password will then be sent to your email address.

Q6: Who can I talk to if I have feedback or more questions?

A6: Feedback and further questions are very welcomed by the CPDB Team. You can find more details on how to contact the team here.

Q7: Why is the CPDB portal useful?

A7: First, the CPDB portal allows the Member Countries and Territories to see information in WMO databases on their country and region, as well as other Members and Regions, therefore improving data sharing.

Second, the CPDB portal provides a more coherent way of updating data through an, ultimately, streamlined update interface.

Third, by improving data sharing, the CPDB reduces the number of redundant surveys sent out to Members.

Finally, the CPDB helps to monitor and assess development and needs of Members, offering a combined and up-to-date view on data per country and per region therefore helping Regional Offices and WMO departments,

Q8: How is the information in the CPDB used?

A8: The information in the CPDB is used by Member, WMO Secretariat staff and other development partners to better understand the priorities of WMO Members. The information, unless indicated otherwise, reflects what the WMO Member in question reported to the WMO Secretariat.