South America Regional Association III

Focal points

CIMO Focal PointsCoordinator on Satcom issuesDRR Focal Points of RAs, TCs and TPsFocal Points for Annual Global Monitoring (AGM)Focal Points for Aircraft-Based ObservationsFocal Points for Regional Telecommunication Hubs (RTH)Focal Points for Special Antarctic Monitoring (SAM)Focal Points for Special MTN MonitoringFocal Points for WIS IT Security MattersFocal Points for WIS Metadata mattersFocal Points of CBS Lead Centers on Data Quality Monitoring (Land Surface)Focal Points on Global Telecommunications System mattersFocal point for Global Cryosphere WatchMETAREA CoordinatorsNational Focal Point for Education and TrainingNational Focal Point for Weather Radar MetadataNational Focal Points Climate Information Systems (CSIS)National Focal Points for Codes and Data Representation MattersNational Focal Points for Monitoring and Evaluation systemNational Focal Points for OSCAR/SurfaceNational Focal Points for PWSNational Focal Points for WIGOSNational Focal Points for the Country Profile DatabaseNational Focal Points for the Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration ProjectNational Focal Points on Matters Related to the Regional Basic Synoptic Network (RBSN)National Focal Points on WIS mattersNational Focal Points on the Implementation Plan for the Evolution of the Global Observing System (EGOS-IP)National Gender Focal PointsNational Marine Services Focal PointsOpen Panel of CHy ExpertsPublic Weather Services Focal PointsRA IV Focal Point for Education and TrainingRA IV Focal Point for GenderRA IV Focal Point for Public Relations and CommunicationsSWFDP Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre Focal Points

National Focal Points Climate Information Systems (CSIS)